10 Top autumn gardening tips that will bring you to your knees

A garden kneeling pad will keep your knees and clothing dry while you tackle those autumn gardening tasks. Maintaining a healthy garden through the cold months offers the best chance to produce a picturesque spring display.

Garden kneeling pad designed to save your knees when tending to your garden

Garden kneeling pad designed to save your knees when tending to your garden

Garden spades, secateurs, weeder and a garden kneeling pad are necessary to get the job done without too much stress and pain. Here we share 10 top tips to preparing your garden for the cold winter months. 

Autumn garden tasks 

  1. Tidy the edges to borders of flower beds - trim the grass, dead-head flowering plants (especially roses), remove weeds and cut back dead branches or stems. The neat edges will distract from the grass being a little longer than it would be in spring and summer
  2. Plant spring bulbs for a vibrant display of colour in spring 
  3. Give your lawn it's last mow and spread an autumn fertiliser to add nutrients while also stopping the growth of weeds and moss. Also a good time to lay new lawn while ground warm but not too wet
  4. Dig compost or well rotted manure into your flowerbeds to keep plant roots warm over winter
  5. Plant or transplant evergreens, shrubs, roses or hedging while the soil is still warm and is moist enough for easy digging.
  6. Put frost sensitive potted plants indoors or store in a greenhouse
  7. Clean garden equipment by removing all traces of rust. Store in a dry place to avoid corrosion
  8. Prune back deciduous hedges
  9. Rake-up leaves as often as you can. Leaves left on the lawn will block sunlight reaching the blades of grass. If not racked-up it may result in brown patches and moss growth. Make leaf mould from the fallen leaves. This will make a nutrient rich mulch in which to grow seedlings
  10. Clean and cover or store garden furniture. Leaving it uncovered could encourage a green mould growing on it which then means having to do a tougher cleaning job before using the furniture again when the weather warms 

All these autumn gardening jobs can well bring you down on your knees. But, you can avoid the pain of kneeling by investing in a good quality garden kneeling pad that is easy to clean and will last a life time.

A garden kneeling pad is a mat used to help make kneeling down more comfortable.  The KneePal garden kneeling pad will do more than just protect your knees from getting wet and muddy.

If, like me you love to potter about in your garden, you would probably agree that the easiest way to tackle these jobs is to kneel down and crack on with it. Even with the smartest gardening tools coming to market there is always a reason to kneel. It's so easy to get totally absorbed in the job at hand and to forget about the pressure being put on your knees.

Knees cope well as joints of the young but as we head towards our more mature years, taking care of our knees will go a long way to  avoiding pain or injury.

A good quality supportive garden kneeler will ease the pressure of being on your knees. It will also offer comfort and protection against twigs, gravel or bark digging into knees. A good quality kneeling pad saves our lower back from the strain of kneeling too.


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