Are you missing out on saving your knees from pain when kneeling?

As children and young adults, we rarely think about our knees in a way that they could potentially bring us a lot of pain later in life. Our knees get bashed about in sporting activities, crawling over rough terrain in the games we play or we kneel on hard surfaces for long periods fixing a bicycle or tinkering around with a DIY project. While there is no reason to have to worry about our knees in such a way that we avoid participating in contact sports or tearing around on a skate board, we need to be more aware as we get older. Taking preventative steps to avoid unnecessary strain on our bodies as we head towards our more mature years will help avoid a decline in our quality of life.  Wearing knee pads when roller blading or skate boarding is just one example of avoiding trauma to our knees when we fall to the ground - just as a helmet has become almost compulsory for snow boarding and cycling enthusiasts.

Causes of pain in the knee joint

Does kneeling on a hard surface cause you immense pain? Knee pain can be caused be osteoarthritis, torn meniscus, bone chip or bursitis. Osteoarthritis is the most common cause of pain when kneeling, during sporting activities or when going about our daily activities. Osteoarthritis is inflammation to the knee causing cartilage to break down. Age, genetics, obesity, prior injuries or a broken bone close to the joint are all factors that can lead to osteoarthritis. 

Reduce knee pain

There is no cure for osteoarthritis but there are ways to minimise the pain.  You can medicate to reduce the pain and swelling,  participate in low impact exercise to keep the joint mobile and control body weight and use a heated wheat bag to relieve pain. 

Bending over rather than kneeling down to do tasks such as weeding could be counter productive. Lower back pain is as debilitating. Using a kneeling pad or cushion to protect your knees will also help reduce pain to your lower pain. Kneeling for long periods may also be a daily reality in your profession. Here we share reasons to invest in a kneeling pad - the KneePal kneeling pad ergonomically designed to support knees and lower back when kneeling >>

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