Why We Love Knees (And You Should, Too!)

Inventor, Ingrid Conway who designed, patented and launched KneePal, an ergonomic kneeling pad was once a keen sports woman, gardening enthusiast and busy mom. All those hours spent keeping fit and healthy with few noticeable aches and pains served her well. That is, until she was requested to help her grandchildren with bath-time. It is then that she felt discomfort in her knees while kneeling on the cold, hard tiled floor. The pain became severe enough to drive her to design and have made a kneeling pad that would offer a truly amazing kneeling experience.  

Unlike many other kneelers on the market, KneePal was made in her home country to the highest standards. Everyone told her, "Get it made in China" but Ingrid was determined to have KNEEPAL made in South Africa. Initially it was designed and marketed as a comfortable, waterproof kneeling pad for bathing kids, but it soon gained popularity as a versatile knee pad with many other uses such as for gardening, DIY, working on a car - even tradesman have found this kneeling pad to be very supportive and comforting to the hours spent down on their knees.

KNEEPAL has been specifically designed to cradle and cushion your knees and support your back while kneeling.

So why a kneeling pad?

We need to take good care of our knees. We put mechanical stress on our knees everyday from the time we get out of bed through every step we take. Our knees are designed to deal with the pressure we put on them however, there is a tipping point. When we exceed this our knees become painful. If we take care of our knees it will go along way to avoiding debilitating knee conditions such as osteoarthritis - the most common cause of pain.

How we stand, walk, run, sit and the shoes we wear can all affect the health of our knees. So too can kneeling on hard ground for any length of time. We are passionate about taking care of our knees to avoid reducing your quality of life. Osteoarthritis, bursitis or worse still a knee replacements can be avoided to a large extent by the care we take and here are a few tips to help you.

  • Exercise: This is so important as it builds strong knees. But before participating in any sporting activity we need to stretch first to warm-up the muscles and increase our heart rate. According to Sports Medicine Information, the most important reason for doing a warm up is to prevent injury during exercise.  Spend between 20 minutes and half an hour gradually getting your body ready for physical activity. Jog, jump and stretch. Post physical activity cool-down exercises to prevent injuries are just as important to prevent your muscles seizing-up and preventing lactic-acid build-up. 
  • Body weight: maintaining a healthy body weight is one of the kindest steps you can take to keep your knees happy and pain-free - giving you the quality of life you deserve for yourself. The more weight you gain, the greater the pressure you put on your knees and this pressure is worse when participating in physical exercise. A Body Mass Index (BMI) above 25 starts putting stress on your knees. Obesity is known to be the biggest risk factor for developing osteoarthritis. 

Your body mass index (BMI) takes your height and weight to work out if you are healthy. To work out your BMI divide your weight in kilograms by your height in metres squared. 

  • Shoes: A woman's best friend! However, there is a cost to strutting around in inappropriately fitting shoes or with heals that lead to an uneven distribution of body weight on our joints. A Harvard University study found that women who wear high heels have stress across the part of the knee where osteoarthritis usually develops.

  • Posture: A poor posture will lead to knee pain.  Slouching leads to your body leaning forward and walking bent over at the waist.  The more your body is mis-aligned, the more your muscles have to work to compensate for it. This then causes strain on your knees - and other joints. Building good core strength will improve your posture and thereby lessen the pressure put on your knees. Planking exercises are great for building abdominal and lower back strength.
  • Kneeling: It may be an everyday part of your job, being a parent to young children or having a hobby that requires a lot of kneeling. This frequent pressure on the knees is a common cause of knee bursitis. Using a supportive and ergonomic kneeling pad will reduce the pressure on your knees so your quality of life is not compromised through your job or the activities you love. A kneeling pad will provide support and compression to the knee while redistributing pressure away from your kneecap. 

KneePal is a kneeling pad that is specifically designed to give knees the cushioning they need while also supporting your lower back as well as the positioning of your feet when kneeling. KneePal is not to be compared with the foam mats bought at or favourite supermarket or local store. This is a product that took four years of research and development to bring a kneeling pad of high quality to market offering the ultimate in cushioning without lose of shape or support through frequent use.

The high grade polyurethane is moulded into an exact shape to not only protect but the cushion the knees offering extra support.

Why suffer the life changing effects of osteoarthritis or bursitis when you can take these steps to avoid or slow the onset for as long as possible! Love your knees as much as we do!

Don't let kneeling at bath-time take the fun out of this special bonding time with your children or grandchildren. KneePal is like kneeling on a bed of marshmallows - it's that great!

Don't let kneeling at bath-time take the fun out of this special bonding time with your children or grandchildren. KneePal is like kneeling on a bed of marshmallows - it's that great!

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