Wait until you feel this kneeling pad

Kneeling Pad Pink.jpg

A kneeling pad that had an inspiring start to it's journey into the homes of many people looking to have a more comfortable bath-time kneeling experience.

What do many of us do when we can't find what we need? We improvise. But, for some this is not good enough - if you can't find what you know will make a difference to your well being, you invent it. And that is exactly how KneePal was created. A few uncomfortable bath-time sessions for a grandmother and KneePal was born. 

There is something so touching about this bath-time kneeler journey to market, you can't help but 'feel' the cushioning comfort.

This unique and highly sought after kneeling pad was conceived by the founder, Ingrid Conroy. After enduring countless uncomfortable hours bathing her grandchildren, she decided to alter the ergonomics of kneeling forever! Her drive for the perfect fit took four years before it was eventually to her satisfaction and ready for everyone to enjoy!

KneePal was manufactured in South Africa and after a successful launch and sales, there was interest in this kneeler from other countries. So, it made it's way into the UK market last year. initially just target baby shows, it is now being sold via our own KneePal dedicated website.

Here Ingrid tells her story about KneePal and the loyal support she received from her family to take her dream to reality. Just goes to show you are never too old to find a gap in the market and fill it. This kneeling pad is used out doors and indoors - in fact anytime you have to kneel to get a job done this kneeling pad will give you the ultimate comfort even if you suffer knee pain from Bursitis or osteoarthritis >>