7 Reasons why this garden kneeling pad will save your knees

Garden kneeling pad is a necessary addition to the list of gadgets and tools needed before heading out doors to dig, weed and plant. Necessary if you value your knees protecting them from the pressure bearing down on them when kneeling down particularly for longer periods of time. A good quality garden kneeling pad will also offer support to your lower back and put less strain on your feet and ankles too.

A garden kneeling pad comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. One of the newer designs to come to market is the kneeler seat combination. This style of kneeling pad has received mixed reviews. While many report that they offer an advantage when trying to stand-up from a kneeling position, they do reduce the movement of your arms when digging around in the flowerbeds. If you move forwards too far you risk losing your balance and with some models the frame of the seat kneeler digs into the knees. 

Then there is the foam pad style garden kneeling pad. There are many shapes, sizes and thicknesses on the market. Here are 7 sound reasons why we believe that this garden kneeing pad will save your knees and lower back when on your knees for any length of time.

  • Smooth surface makes it easy to wipe clean and is stain resistant
  • Water resistant - easy to dry and wipe clean
  • Offers full support even on uneven ground
  • An effective kneeling pad for so my home and garden uses - gardening, home maintenance tasks, working on car, kids bath-time and as a prayer kneeler
  • Comes in four different colours suitable as a garden kneeling pad for man or woman
  • Will not break down or compress over time, 
  • Very durable - 5cm thick offering a full cushioning experience even when on hard ground - much softer kneeling experience than you would have imagined

This garden kneeling pad offers freedom of movement when on your knees digging in flower beds, weeding the lawn or planting bulbs. For the ultimate in kneeling comfort, this kneeling pad is softer than many other on the market.